Time to face your fear!

Have you delayed any activity just because it will give you pain or it’s too boring? You are probably procrastinating then. While doing so you don’t realize that the task has to be done by you today or tomorrow and hence, delaying it is not worthwhile. Individuals are bound to give several excuses for its too risky, uncertain, disruptive, and busy to justify the action.

Being in an undesired situation not only reduces our happiness but gives us stress. This reduces our capacity to make decisions and stand for it. Either way, you are bound to face pain or stress and hence, it’s always better to face things upright so that you can plan your future in a better way. But, Fear of facing situations always gets the better of us and results in us losing and leaving our goals unfulfilled.

Want to attain your goal, stop procrastinating; here are the ways
If you are willing to come out of a situation or getting things done and thinking about how to stop procrastinating; below are few ideas that will help you:

Follow 2-minute rule: Usually when you are not able to complete tasks; it’s because you are too bored to start them in the first place. This rule helps you to get started. You just have to spend 2-minutes on the tasks which are on your list and you will end up completing it. It will also help you in developing any hobby. For example- You want to become a painter; then; just start drawing on a paper for 2minutes. You will notice that you end up completing the whole painting.

Change your perspective: Stop thinking negative by stop telling yourself you can’t do and don’t delay the action. Before starting any task which you have been trying to complete from a long time; just sit and pep up yourself with a motivation talk. It will not only boost your energy to do the activity but will full you with positivity and this will result in you doing the activity in the best way you can. You can motivate yourself by several ways like talking to yourself i.e. self-motivation, listening to someone who inspires you or just meditating.

Listing down the goals/tasks: If you want to achieve success; you need to list down your short-term and long-term goals. This will help you to remember your goals always and hence, boost you to take the steps for achieving it. To achieve certain stage, you need to perform tasks that will lead it to you. Hence, make sure you list down the same day and assign the level of difficulty to it. Start your day with the most difficult task and the end of the day you will find yourself completely all the tasks for that day.

Reward Yourself: Nothing can be more boosting than receiving a reward or appreciation. Assigning this happiness to someone to accomplish might sometimes be painful if not achieved. Also, for all the small goals/tasks you might not receive it from someone else. The best way is to reward yourself. Once you complete the task/goal reward yourself by eating your favorite food, going out to party or do any activity which will give you happiness.

Remove Distractions: Removing distractions while doing any activity is very important because it can be one of the reasons behind procrastinating. Distractions like a call from boyfriend or friend, listening to music, surfing the internet can distract you and you will find yourself doing that activity for next hours instead of the main tasks. Keeping the calls short, reading only that is relevant to you on the internet, playing only background music which will help you to concentrate can be frw actions to take.