What Are The Best Bitcoin Exchanges?


Bitcoin exchange services are increasing considerably in a day-to-day basis and one has got tons of online exchange sites to choose from. How ever every platform has some pros and cons to be taken in consideration. So, here are some of the best bitcoin exchanges listed based on customer service and user review.


Coinbase is well known for its good reputation and user friendliness due to it’s way of trading and storing Bitcoin in a well secured and mannered way. They also provide coinbase insurance for the currency that’s stored. It is one of those platforms, that is user friendly for a beginner and it is also used by millions of trusted investors world wide which made them one of the best platforms for bitcoin exchange. But it has got a low payment option and it is only limited to a few countries worldwide.


ShapeShift is a leading exchange platform which offers dozens of digital currency to exchange and it has got a fast and reliable service. It is also well known for its reasonable price and supports various digital currencies which mainly include Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Monero. It is operated in a straightforward way that allows people to invest, trade and exchange their currency. How ever this platform too has a considerable low payment option.


This site operates in a well-mannered way which reflects the same method that used in New York Stock Exchange. They ensure a safe and secure service and people opt this site due to its reliability and stress free experience because they haven’t lost any coins till date. They are one platform that charges, a reasonable fee and have a good reputation. Apart from that they have got a few cons which includes low payment options and limited to only a few countries.


Kraken, a well reputed platform that let’s you trade between cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin) and real money which includes Dollars, Pounds, Yen and many more. One who has got experience in trading must go for Kraken because it is that site which suits for people who are well structured in trading. Decent rates in exchange and a good deposit fee are those things that should be taken in consideration. However, this platform is not suitable for beginners.


Polonium is known for its user-friendly experience and a low trading fee along with the availability of tons of cryptocurrency pairing. It is one of those sites which has got a chat box where people can discuss and express their opinion. It is a highly monitored service where people are not allowed to use any kind of abusive language. Chat box can keep you engaged for a long time. Apart from this, they are one of the leading bitcoin exchanges in the world. The only con is that comparatively their customer service is slow.


This platform has got a lot of loyal customers and is known for its secure and trust offered to the customers. It has got a well-mannered Security service which fully includes secured cold storage and two step verification process. They support different language and it is available in all over the world. The method of trading is much easier in this platform and they offer low transaction fees and is used for large transaction by the customers. How ever as every platform has its own drawbacks Bitstamp has got theirs too. They are not good for beginners and have got a limited payment option.


It is a platform where customers visit to buy cryptocurrency using credit card or by online payment methods. It offers good user interface and has got a better range of payment methods which is available worldwide. This platform is well known for its good reputation, and it is also available in many languages including English, German, French and many more. How ever for some countries the functions will not be fully available and a user must take that in consideration. High exchange rates and average user support is a few cons of this platform.

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